Painted Timber Sash Window

Stunning contemporary and period timber windows

We have been manufacturing timber window frames for decades

Throughout the many years that we have been manufacturing timber window frames, we have continually ensured that we have kept up with modern technology and incorporated all the best features in our current designs.

We are a team of highly skilled specialist joiners who work closely with our customers to deliver their designs

We manufacture in either hardwood or Accoya and we can offer single or double-glazed window options. Single glazed sash windows can only be used in Listed or Conservation Buildings and, in such situations, we manufacture to precisely match the existing sections and profiles. This will include internal architraves, linings and window boards, along with any other requirements.

Our double-glaze timber products are of high specification and include weather seals to staff and parting beads. They also feature 57mm thick Casements, which incorporate 24mm Planitherm Total + low-E double glazing.

We manufacture Timber Window Sashes with either box sash, weighted and corded, or Spiral Balances. Other options include dummy sash window frames in either standard or heavy section timbers to suit reveal depths. After manufacturing and before assembly, all timbers are treated with a preservative and are either primed and undercoated, or stained with two coats of Microporous stain.

We offer a full overhaul service on existing timber sash window frames, which can include either easing or replacing timber sash casements, draught stripping of the same, new parting and staff beads, new cords, new furniture, and any repairs to cills and sash boxes. All repair timbers are in hardwood and are treated and primed prior to installation. We are also experienced working on listed buildings and in conservation areas.

All of our purpose-made timber windows, meet new Part L building regulations and are minimum C rated.

Custom wooden windows Nottingham with new cords and replacing sash casements after all the changes
Custom wooden windows Nottingham before it has been changed

Hardwood sash windows – Woodthorpe Nottingham

Fully designed, fit and finished based on original architect drawings from the early 19th century.

Quality Timber Window

We manufacture our timber windows to match existing designs, using modern techniques

Replacing old or existing windows is an excellent way of giving your property a fresh new feel. We will work alongside you to ensure that your new windows will match the look of your property, regardless of its period.

Available in either hardwood, softwood or even a combination of both; all of our frames are preservative treated, primed and undercoated, or two coats of Microporous stain.

Our window frames are manufactured to comply with Fensa regulations and requirements, and incorporate weather seals to opening lights, trickle head ventilation and Planitherm Total + 24 mm low-E double glazing. They also meet new Part L building regulations and are minimum C rated.

Alongside your new timber windows, we are able to provide a choice of high-standard ironmongery in both design and finish, including but not limited to wrought iron, brass and satin chrome. They can also feature multi-point locking systems for added security. This means that you can still achieve a fantastic high-end period look but with added peace of mind for you and your family.

We manufacture a broad range of window styles including sash, traditional casement window frames, bay window frames and more. All of our purpose-made windows meet new Part L building regulations and are minimum C rated.

Should you require something more bespoke, our team will be more than happy to discuss your needs. We will work alongside you throughout the design and manufacturing process and even offer a full fitting service if you require our expert team to install your timber windows.

Do you need to replace or renovate your existing timber windows?

If there are significant areas of damage, it can be costly and time-consuming to repair windows. Often, in these cases, it can be a better investment to replace the windows altogether with something more robust and energy-efficient.

Some common problems with your existing timber windows might include them being warped or draughty, and broken seals may well have led to condensation between the panes. They may also be coated in layers of paint which could potentially be affecting how well they function.

We can advise on the best options for your timber window renovation. Get in touch.

Hardwood windows nottingham
Timber bay window

Renovation of a Timber bay window

This renovation is an excellent example of how we can modernise a classic bay window while still maintaining its traditional features. The curved bay window in question was single glazed and suffering from heavy condensation and heat loss.

To renovate this bay window, we removed the leaded lights, carefully cleaned them and then encapsulated them into a double glazed unit. We also made a quality new curved hardwood bay window similar to the original.

This meant that we were able to keep the charm of the original glass design but upgrade the bay to a double glazed unit that was safe and warm. The units underneath the encapsulations are all toughened double glazed planitherm total argon filled units (4/16/4). All casements here have been fitted with multipoint locking systems which give you added security compared to traditional locking systems.

Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat loss

Triple glazing is considered by almost every homeowner at some point, whether it’s when the energy bill comes through or in the chill of a British winter. Originating from the brutal winters of Scandinavia, triple glazing is simply three panes of glass in one unit with air gaps between, each filled with an inert gas such as Argon.

Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat loss through a window whilst continuing to allow heat into the room from the sun (solar gain). This is achieved by the two outer low emissivity panes of glass in the unit, combined with the extra air gap filled with Argon.

The majority of glass units installed are double glazed with a U-value of often around 1.3 to at best to 1.0. Our triple glazed units can achieve a U-value of 0.6 using Toughened glass centre pane in all situations.

Triple Glazed Timber windows
Window internal
Green Timber Window
Leaded Timber Bay Window Replacement
Ground floor timber leaded bay window
Full Bay Timber Window Replacement
First floor timber leaded bay window
Close up of timber bay window
Close up of leaded timber bay window
Traditional timber casement window
Top hung wooden casement window
Double Glazed Wooden casement window
New Timber Casement Window
Double Timber Casement Window
Timber windows in Nottingham 8
Timber windows in Nottingham 7
Timber windows in Nottingham 6
Timber windows in Nottingham 5
Timber windows in Nottingham 4
Very good-quality work. I can say after almost 2 years that the windows are still stunning, in perfect condition, and save me money on my energy bill.
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