Timber radiator covers nottingham

Skirting, architrave & radiator covers

We manufacture and supply high-quality timber skirting and architrave to match the needs of your property whether that’s a period home or a more modern build. This is supplied ready to use with an excellent finish ready to be primed and painted or oiled, depending on your needs.

Finish your room off perfectly with quality timber skirting and architrave

Skirting and architrave

If you’re seeking something a little more ornate, we can also machine to order any mould to match your existing architrave or skirting – in any timber, making your renovations more straightforward.

At our Carlton based joiners, close by to Nottingham City Centre, we have a large selection of moulds and cutters making it easy to choose exactly what you need for your project. Whatsmore, If the mould you are seeking is not available, we can produce the cutters to match. Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat about exactly what you need.

We are a flexible manufacturer and so we are able to run any quantity of moulded timber. However, we do have a minimum length requirement of three metres.

Bespoke Skirting and architrave Nottingham
Timber radiator covers nottingham

Wooden or metal radiator covers

Radiator covers are as popular as ever in interior design. A good looking cover can add a timeless elegance to a room and, of course, cover up any unsightly radiators.

We manufacture excellent quality bespoke timber radiator covers. Our wooden covers are in a choice of either – Finished, White, Primed, or Un-finished. They are assembled and come with a choice of M. D, F. or Metal Grills.

We have a choice of two main styles of radiator cover. These are fixed box type and open up which has side covers at each end to access valves so that you do not need to remove the cover from the wall. The maximum cover width is 3050mm.

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next project, special styles can be fabricated to suit your requirements in veneered or solid hardwoods. Simply get in touch with us to have a chat about your unique needs.

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Moulder Profile Cutters FA North

For architrave, picture rails and skirting boards, we have a huge range of moulder profile cutters to help you add the finishing touch.

Timber radiator covers nottingham
Bespoke Skirting and architrave Nottingham
I needed a bespoke dado / picture rail making to match one in my 1930’s built property. Not only was the service excellent, the item itself was well made and reasonably priced. Would certainly recommend.
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