Timber windows and doors in Edwalton, Nottinghamshire

We replaced several timber bay windows, original stained glass windows and an entrance door on this beautiful property in Edwalton, Nottinghamshire. Although it was a fairly intricate project, it was not an unusual one for our team, who have extensive experience replacing more unusual timber windows and doors.

This customer wanted to increase the efficiency of their timber windows while keeping the original stained glass windows to the side and rear of the property. Ordinarily, this would involve giving the original panes a very gentle clean. We would then have them professionally trimmed so that they fit perfectly into a modern glazing which is much thicker than that which the window was originally manufactured for.

Unfortunately, attempts to repair leaks on the stained glass windows in the past had resulted in an excess of silicone and dirt on the windows. This meant that any restoration would involve a much more thorough and abrasive cleaning than is normally required, but it was necessary to achieve the best possible end product. Our team did an excellent job of carefully cleaning the pane and the customer was delighted with how well it turned out.

The restored stained glass panels were then sandwiched between two panes of Planitherm One glass. This product has the lowest possible U-value and by that, we mean the best available thermal efficiency. We replaced two smaller windows and an ornate timber staircase window which is fairly common in the properties in this area. Through this process, we increased the energy efficiency and security of the property while maintaining the beautiful original features.

Edwalton stainglass windows
High quality timber windows
Edwalton timber door

At the front of the property, there were five leaded bay windows and a double glazed double entrance door which lead to a storm porch which all needed replacing. Not only was it important to maintain the striking appearance of this property, but there were important structural considerations to take into account as the bay windows supported the facade of the building. In cases such as this, it is important to always employ experienced professionals to replace your timber bay windows and avoid significant structural damage to your home.

Part of this property’s curb appeal is the beautiful lead doors and windows, and our modern techniques meant that we were able to upgrade the timber windows of the property to make them more thermal efficient while still maintaining the traditional aesthetic. This involves applying the lead to the surface of the pane to give a like-for-like appearance on triple-glazed windows.

Edwalton timber windows

All windows and doors have been finished in Jotun Demidekk paint. We love the quality and finish of this quick-drying paint and find it extremely easy to colour-match with some of the most popular wood paints available. As our timber windows and doors are hand painted it also makes it easy to carry out touch-ups on-site, without the need for cover moulds, which means that we can deliver the best possible finished product.

We are specialist joiners who manufacture a wide range of stunning timber products. We manufacture windows and timber doors in Nottingham and install and fit them at properties throughout the Midlands. If you're looking for inspiration for your next project, or you want to work with a company that has experience with planning restrictions - why not take a look at our timber windows and timber doors?

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