Ground floor timber leaded bay window

Leaded timber bay windows in Nottingham

We replaced several windows at this beautiful early 1900s home close to Nottingham City Centre. This included four impressive bay windows to the front and rear of the property.

First floor timber leaded bay window

When the home was purchased in the winter of 2022, it still had many of the original single pane windows which dated back to 1913. The homeowners expected that they'd need replacing, but the day that they moved in, they noticed that there was actually ice on the inside of the window. So replacing them became their first priority.

As well as the problem of thin single glazing, there were cracks in the frame which let water in. And, because some of the windows had been painted shut, as the weather got warmer there was little ventilation throughout the house.

In searching for replacement windows, homeowner Hannah found FA North via Google. Because of a poor experience with a national door and window supplier a few years ago, she was already keen to use a smaller local manufacturer.

After getting three or four quotes, they found that FA North was a reasonably priced option for timber windows. But, perhaps more importantly and given her past experience, it was the quoting process as a whole that gave her peace of mind.

“Pete who visited was very knowledgeable and trustworthy, even making some recommendations for other work that needed completing outside of the scope of this particular project. And the businesses that he recommended for this work also did an excellent job!”
Homeowner, Hannah

Obtaining a face to face quote for timber windows was a great experience for Hannah. Not only did she find Pete helpful and trustworthy, but she was able to get a sense of the business as a whole which ultimately had a big impact on the final decision.

And, while they did get quotes for different types of material, when it came down to it timber was the clear choice for their replacement bay windows. Having looked around at some similar properties where the bay windows had been replaced with UPVC, they felt that the new windows appeared warped. Not only this but given that the previous windows had lasted 110 years, they had faith that a modern timber replacement would be even longer-lasting, great-looking and in keeping with the traditional architecture.

There was never any doubt in Hannah’s mind that this was a large project to take on. Pete was realistic when explaining the scale of the work and she admits to feeling naturally anxious in the run up to work starting. Her experience, however, from start to finish was a good one. The original frames came out just in time, pretty rotten and about to fall apart. They were moved carefully panel by panel so there was no broken glass to worry about.

Full Bay Timber Window Replacement

Both the fitters and the painters were friendly and helpful, tidying up after themselves and even asking for emulsion to touch up around the windows so that the job looked as fresh and as polished as possible. There was a lot less mess than Hannah was expecting!

Now the project is complete, the family are very happy with the results and how smoothly everything went. Their beautiful home is both draft free and watertight all in time for a cosy winter! If you'd like to discuss your next home improvement project and you're thinking about timber windows or doors, why not give us a call on 0115 987 2339.

Leaded Timber Bay Window Replacement
Ground floor timber leaded bay window
Full Bay Timber Window Replacement
First floor timber leaded bay window
Close up of timber bay window
Close up of leaded timber bay window
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Ground floor timber leaded bay window
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