Curved bay window misted after 1

Before and after – curved hardwood bay window

A stunning bay window restoration

How we recreated an efficient bay window while still maintaining its striking features.


The curved bay window was single glazed and suffering from heavy condensation and heat loss.


We have made a new curved hardwood bay window that looks like the original, but has had the original leaded lights taken out and cleaned and encapsulated into a double glazed unit. By doing it this way it means that the original glass and design is kept but you have the safety and warmth of a double glazed unit. The units underneath the encapsulations are all toughened double glazed planitherm total argon filled units (4/16/4). All casements have been fitted with multipoint locking systems which give you the added security compared to traditional locking systems. The difference between the old and the new glazing is clear to see.

Curved bay window misted after 1
Curved bay window misted before
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