Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat loss

Triple glazing is considered by almost every home owner at some point, whether it’s when the energy bill comes through or in the chill of a British Winter. Originating from the brutal winters of Scandinavia, triple glazing is simply three panes of glass in one unit with air gaps between, each filled with an inert gas such as Argon.

Triple glazing reduces the amount of heat loss through a window but still allowing heat into the room from the sun (Solar gain). This is achieved by the two outer low emissivity panes of glass in the unit, combined with the extra air gap filled with Argon.

The majority of glass units installed are double glazed with U-value of often around 1.3 to at best to 1.0. Our triple glazed units can achieve a U-value of 0.6 using Toughened glass centre pane in all situations.

From our in-house manufacture we can customise material, specification, hardware and finish.

Timber choice: Wooden windows have the lowest environmental impact (making them an Eco Friendly choice)

  • Scandinavian Redwood
    • Source: Northern Europe
    • Durability class: non durable
    • Density: 510 kg/m3
    • Appearanc: Pale yellow brown to red brown
    • Paint/Stain absorption: good
    • Cost: low
    • Movement: Medium /high
  • Idigbo
    • Source: West African
    • Durability: class durable
    • Density: 540 kg/m3
    • Appearance: yellow to light brown
    • Paint/Stain absorption: good
    • Cost: medium
    • Movemen: medium
  • European Oak – engineered section
    • Source: Europe
    • Durability class: durable
    • Density: 670 kg/m3
    • Appearance: light tan to biscuit
    • Paint/Stain absorption: good
    • Cost: high
    • Movement: Medium /high
  • Accoya
    • Source: New Zealand
    • Durability: very durable
    • Density: 510 kg/m3
    • Appearance: light yellow to cream
    • Paint/Stain absorption: very good
    • Cost: high
    • Movement: low


  • Durability
  • Movement
  • Thermal Properties
  • Appearance
  • Sustainability
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Five reasons why you should consider triple glazed windows

  • A quieter neighbourhood

    Your sound insulation will improve with the extra pane of glass as compared to a double glazed unit due to the additional barrier for external sound, always a consideration if you are near a busy road etc.

  • Bigger glass sizes

    Thanks to the greatly improved thermal insulation, having triple glazing allows you to have much bigger windows in your house, without worrying about the overall U-Value of your building.

  • Thermal insulation

    Not only does triple glazing offer exceptional low U-Value with our 0.6 U units, but it also eliminates those cold areas near the windows in the winter and at night, while still allowing a controlled amount of solar gain through the summer.

  • Security

    Adding an additional 4mm centre pane of Toughened glass increases the physical barrier between your home and outside.

  • Comparison

    Triple glazing. It has been shown by the Passive House Institute that when the temperature is very cold outside, and 21°c indoors the following occurs:

    • On a Single glazed window the internal surface temperature is around 1°c.
    • On a double glazed window (old technology) the surface temperature is around 11°c.
    • On a modern energy efficient double glazed window the surface temperature is 16°c.
    • On a triple glazed window, with a centre pane U-Value of just 0.6 the temperature is 18°c.

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